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Archbold OH Concrete Coating Company

Would you like to safeguard your cement flooring while also improving its aesthetics? Our skilled workers are here to assist! Since 2019, PolyPro Concrete Coatings has been beautifying concrete floors with our stunning finishing services. Our group of skilled concrete coating pros will update your floor in as fast as twenty-four hours, turning it from dingy and bleak to glossy and chic. Regardless of how many square feet of concrete you want to have coated, you can rest easy knowing our craftsmen will do an expert job.

Concrete Coating Contractors in Archbold OH 

We provide our concrete coating services in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Since PolyPro Concrete Coatings was founded, we have coated concrete floors in thousands of homes and businesses across Archbold OH, and Indiana.  

Here are the advantages of opting for PolyPro Concrete Coatings for our concrete coating projects: 

  • Complimentary and no-stress estimate 
  • Copious amounts of concrete colors, textures, and finishes 
  • Unparalleled materials 
  • Pleasant and efficient specialists
  • Flooring installed as quickly as twenty-four hours

Why Get Archbold OH Concrete Coating from PolyPro Concrete Coatings?

Coating your concrete flooring with quality finishes ensures they are more beautiful and covers them from scuffs. Additionally, coating services are very cost-effective, so you can significantly transform your home without breaking the bank!

Here are the advantages of our concrete coating services:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Resistant to abrasions, chemicals, and heavy use 
  • Economical
  • 100% UV-Stability to guard against sun damage
  • Not time-consuming to clean and maintain 

Start Your Concrete Coating Project Today!  

Ready to get started with our Archbold OH floor coating services? Give us a call at 260-627-9120 or complete our form today to request a free, no-obligation quote!

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$300 OFF New Floor