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Quartz Floor Coating In Fort Wayne & NE Indiana

Get the longest lifespan out of your concrete work surfaces with a quality quartz floor coating by PolyPro Concrete Coatings! We are the leading Fort Wayne epoxy flooring installer, and we can provide you with an affordable and durable quartz floor coating for your business or garage.

Give us a call today at 260-627-9120 to see why we are 5-star rated for quartz floor coating installation!

Why Quartz Coatings for Your Concrete?

Quartz floor coatings are an innovative solution to a practical problem. Concrete is durable and cheap, but it’s easy to scratch, stain, and slip on. By using a quality concrete coating, you can get the hardiness of concrete and the weather-proofing of epoxy, all in one! Take a look at our gallery to see how our flooring finishes really stand out!

Our quartz floor coating features:

  • 100% Solid Epoxy Strength – the competition lowers their epoxy solid content to cut corners, but we give you full strength epoxy that will not shrink or wrinkle
  • Durable in Any Weather – unlike bare concrete, which can crack during severe freeze-thaw cycles, our epoxy is flexible down to frigid sub-zero temperatures
  • Speedy Installs – our epoxy is ready for foot traffic in 24 hours, and ready for automotive traffic in 48 hours

Ready for a free pricing estimate with a detailed project plan? Give us a call today, and we will provide you with the most seamless project bid you will see for your Fort Wayne epoxy flooring project!

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$300 OFF New Floor